MCBase V3.7: the Music Collection dataBase system. A flexible, yet easy to use tool for managing your (multi media) music collection. MCBase stores your memos in Rich Text format and stores graphics, sound and video clips in any format required into the (fully relational) database system. A powerful User Report Designer (with SQL capabilities) is included. (Sample SQL reports included). One time registration - free upgrades & add-on products.

Publisher description

MCBase V3.6 - the Music Collection dataBase system. The most flexible tool to manage the collection of the serious music collector. MCBase not only stores the information on your collection, but can also store multi media files (both sound and video clips) in it's database. Also included is a powerful (SQL enabled) user report designer. MCBase is a relational database system that has been set up to assist music collectors in managing their collections, regardless of the media on which the music is recorded. In this multimedia era, the idea behind MCBase is, that it strives to support the serious music collector in his/her effort to maintain their music collection in every aspect possible - as much as possible. To establish such a high level of support, MCBase does not only support the collector in handling their collection's data, but also by handling any related graphics, sound and video clips in various formats. The primary target that MCBase is aiming at, is to give it's user (alphabetic) access to all material present in his/her music collection. The access itself can be achieved in several ways: a user could store the song's sound (or video) in the appropriate database field and access it directly from there, or a user can make an inquiry on where an item is located in the collection's storage. If required, a user could choose to print reports of this data and store these near to his/her stereo, to serve as a handy and quick reference guide to quickly find specific items in the music collection. As from this release, users can even define their own reports (reporting to either screen or printer) to query or search their collection, in any way they desire. MCBase is using the Paradox database format, an established industry standard, to process your data. This means that your data is stored in a transparent manner and always transferable to other applications. MCBase requires a one time registration and offers free upgrades & add-on products.

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